Wireless Dog Fences – Any Idea How They Work?

1417 views 10:20 am 0 Comments June 29, 2020
Dog Jack Russell Terrier in the village

Pet containment systems come in both the wireless fence and the underground fence versions. While both of these are considered to be electronic dog fences there are several differences and benefits to both types of pet containment systems.

So, just how does the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence work? Let’s begin with the obvious, this is a completely wireless fence system that is simple and easy to install. The wireless fence system works by transmitting a radio signal that goes approximately up to 90 feet in all directions from where the transmitter is placed.

Basically, all you have to do to install this wireless dog fence is to determine how far you want your pet to be able to venture out and away from your home. Then you temporarily place the boundary flags at the perimeter so that your dog will have a visual aid while you are training your pet. Your pet will wear a receiver collar that has contact points that touch its neck, and once your dog is fully trained to the system he will be able to freely roam, run and play in the area you have designated for him. So what is going to keep my dog within this designated area? When your pet is out in the yard and if or when he approaches the boundary zone which is a 2-3 foot wide area, the receiver collar will give him a beep warning tone in an attempt to stop him from proceeding past the pet containment boundary you have created. If the dog continues to approach the boundary zone, the wireless fence collar will then deliver a safe static correction or stimulation through the contact points to get his attention until he returns back to the safe zone of your yard.

So how is the underground fence different or better than the wireless dog fence? Well for starters one of the primary benefits of the underground fence for pet containment is the fact that you can create various layouts to accommodate any size or shape yard that you may have. This particular type of electric dog fence will give you the ability to customize your pet’s play area and at the same time limit your pet from areas that you do not wish to be available to him. This is a much more economical way to contain your pet and keep your dog safe without having the labor or expense of installing traditional chain-link or privacy fencing around your property. This system works similar to the wireless dog fence as the transmitter sends a radio signal through the boundary wire and when your pet approaches the wire the receiver collar picks up the signal and first emits a warning tone to get the dog to back away from the boundary zone and if he continues the receiver collar will emit a safe static correction to get his attention until he goes back into the safe area.

Both of these pet containment systems, either the wireless dog fence or the underground electronic dog fence systems are today’s answer to safe and effective pet containment at a price that is easily affordable. Both the PetSafe wireless fence and the underground fence systems will accommodate multiple pets with the purchase of additional receiver collars. After the initial two-week training, you can safely let your pet outside with the assurance that your pet containment system will keep your dog safe and secure in its own yard.